International work

The research Department at the international work, ensuring execution of works on international and bilateral cooperation, is a structural subdivision of VNIINMASH, performs the functions of the head office for international, regional and bilateral cooperation within the framework of established powers in the field of standardization and assists in organizational, methodological, coordinating and information support of participation Russia in the activities of international, regional standards organizations, such as ISO, IEC, UNECE, CEN, CENELEC, and others., and bilateral cooperation in specific areas of activity.

On the basis of the department for international work, there are two Rosstandard executive bodies: the Secretariat of Russian IEC and the Secretariat of Russian ISO, which are responsible for the methodological, information and organizational support of Russian TCs (Technical committees) for standardization, whose representatives are included in ISO and IEC technical bodies.

Together with the Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Rosstandard (FGAOU DPO ASMS), the international work department of VNIINMASH conducts seminars on international standardization at least twice a year. Within the framework of the seminars, Russian specialists are trained in the rules and procedures of international work, including a detailed overview of the capabilities of ISO and IEC electronic resources using a computer class. An important aspect is the systematic approach, through which students receive information on such issues as the role of international standards in shaping the global market, the place of leading international standards organizations in the World Trade Organization's policy, interaction with agencies and special structures of the United Nations, the use of international standards as evidence base of technical regulations, interaction with other standardization organizations. In the formation of a training program from general to private issues, it is possible to offer participants in the seminars comprehensive information on international standardization and its implications for the global economy, including:

  • international standardization as a instrument of ensuring the competitiveness of domestic industry in a global market;
  • cooperation of ISO and IEC with WTO;
  • protection of intellectual property rights of ISO and IEC;
  • Russia's participation in the activities of ISO and IEC;
  • procedures for technical work in ISO and IEC;
  • electronic resources of ISO and IEC;
  • application of international standards as national and regional standards;
  • application of international standards and participation in their development;
  • international, regional, interstate and national standardization - communications and interaction.

The seminar is held in the computer class of VNIINMASH, accompanied by practical training, where specialists are trained in preparing and arranging proposals for new topics and new areas of activity in ISO and IEC.