VNIINMASH develops and scientific and technical support for the implementation of the development concept of national standardization system in the Russian Federation approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated February 28, 2006, № 266-p, including the development of:

  • the draft Federal law «On standardization»;
  • draft amendments to the Federal law of 21.07.2005 № 94-FZ «About placing of orders for deliveries of goods, performance of works, rendering of services for state and municipal needs» in terms of the use of national standards in the execution of orders for supply of goods for state needs;
  • draft amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation in terms of allocation of costs for the development of national standards on the cost of production in order to attract extra-budgetary funds and budgetary spending on the development of standards.

With the aim of updating and harmonization of national and interstate standards with international standards VNIINMASH analyses of standards:

  • in the engineering industry, including standards for:

    • products heavy and power engineering;
    • agricultural machinery;
    • machine-tool production;
    • production of road-building and municipal engineering;
    • products cross-sectoral applications;
    • nuclear technology;
    • aviation, rocket and space technology;
    • shipbuilding products;
    • motor vehicles;
    • railway transport
    • equipment for oil and gas complex and chemical industry;
    • equipment food, vending and catering;
    • equipment for light industry and printing industry;
    • defense products, including civil and service weapons and explosives for different purposes;
    • General rules of interchangeability.
  • in electrical and instrument systems:

    • high voltage equipment;
    • explosion-proof and mine electrical equipment;
    • cable products;
    • lighting products;
    • electrical insulating materials;
    • chemical sources of heat;
    • instruments and apparatus optical;
    • devices industrial control and regulation;
    • automation & control;
    • photographic equipment, apparatus and equipment of professional cinematography
    • measuring linear and angular dimensions in engineering.
  • in the field of information technology, including:

    • hardware-software means;
    • system and the communication structure;
    • tools of radio electronics;
    • electronics products;
    • CALS-technologies, information support of processes of life cycle of products (IPI).
  • on medical equipment.

VNIINMASH provides:

  • research in the field of creation and functioning of the national authority for standardization and a unified national standardization system (NSS) of Russian Federation and interstate standardization, including standardization of defense products, including the development of basic organizational-methodical standards for the specified systems;
  • research and development of a system of fundamental complexes of technical standards that establish basic standards of machine safety, uniform requirements for design documentation (ESKD) standards of strength, requirements for external influencing factors (EIF), basic norms of interchangeability (BNI), other system complexes;
  • research and development of harmonized national and international standards for machinery, instrumentation and electrical engineering in order to enhance its security and competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets;
  • research and development of standards for implementation in the industry of innovative techniques and technologies, including in such areas as information technologies and electronics, production technologies, transport, energy, ecology, resource saving;
  • research and development of the system of normative documents in the field of armaments and military equipment, goods and dual use technologies in order to enhance the country's defense capability and mobilization readiness of the industry and the sustainability of its functioning in the conditions of the special period;
  • studies in the formation of the Federal and other special programs in the part of the regulatory framework for their implementation, including scientific and technical expertise relevant sections (tasks) of these programs;
  • research in the field of practical methods of improving standardization in detail-oriented fields of creation, production, operation and disposal of products, including scientific and technical expertise of the draft standards.
  • scientific-methodical and information-analytical support of work on the part of the Russian Federation in activities of international standardization organizations and in bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of standardization with foreign countries, including the preparation of proposals for the Russian position in the international bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

A most important aspect of VNIINMASH to implement the provisions of the Federal law «On technical regulation» and the development concept of the NSS is a scientific-methodological guidance and organization of work on formation of annual programs of development of national standards and monitoring of implementation of the tasks of these programs are in part assigned to VNIINMASH national economic complexes.

VNIINMASH, with the participation of the secretariats of technical committees for standardization organizes the development, review and scientific-technical expert examination of draft standards in accordance with the approved plans (programs) of works on standardization.

VNIINMASH coordinates the standardization activities 162 technical committees on standardization (TC), including scientific and technical VNIINMASH functioning of the secretariats of the 11 technical committees, including:

  • TC 019 «Household appliances»;
  • TC 051 «System design documentation»;
  • TC 119 «Dependability in technics»;
  • TC 229 «Fasteners»;
  • TC 258 «Gears and design elements of machine parts»;
  • TC 337 «Electrical Installations of buildings»;
  • TC 344 «Plain bearings»;
  • TC 356 «Bicycles»;
  • TC 427 «Amusement Rides and other devices for entertainments»
  • TC 441 «Nanotechnologies».

As part of the interstate standardization Russia is 218 interstate technical committees for standardization (ITC) from the list, numbering 266 ITC.

VNIINMASH interacts with all ITC at the respective activity, while on the basis of VNIINMASH there are 6 ITC, including:

  • ITC 051 «System design documentation»;
  • ITC 229 «Fasteners»;
  • ITC 258 «Gears and design elements of machine parts»;
  • ITC 274 «Fire safety»;
  • ITC 344 «Plain Bearings»;
  • ITC 441 «Nanotechnologies».

VNIINMASH as an active member of the technical committees engaged in the development of standards in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation, information technology, medical devices, fundamental standards.

The scientific supervision of VNIINMASH work for standardization and interaction with the participants of the work on standardization is carried out on the basis of technical meetings, oral and written consultations, cooperation in full compliance with methodological standards of the NSS of the Russian Federation, the EASC standards, directives and guidelines of international and European organisations, participation in various stages of development in the consideration, negotiation and scientific-technical expertise of projects of the state, interstate and international standards and aims to ensure the draft standards the required level of safety of goods for environment, life, health and property, enhancement of competitiveness of products, providing technical and information compatibility and interchangeability of products.

VNIINMASH is a leading Institute in Russia in international standardization. Russia is responsible for maintenance of the 8 subcommittees secretariats of ISO. On the basis of VNIINMASH functioning of the Executive bodies of the Rosstandard on international cooperation in the field of standardization, namely, the Secretariat of the Russian Committee member of ISO and the Secretariat of the National Committee for participation in the IEC.

VNIINMASH (Methodological centre for international standardization) provides information and methodological support of Russian technical committees on standardization, public authorities, economic entities, scientific and public associations in the field of international standardization.

In the works on standardization VNIINMASH actively cooperates with the institutes of Rosstandard, enterprises and organizations of other Federal bodies of Executive power of Russia, carrying out the state control and supervision over product safety for life, health, property and the environment, including the Ministry of industry and energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation, Rostekhnadzor of Russia, etc. ministries and departments responsible for activities on national standardization.

In its scientific and technical activities VNIINMASH works closely with information and polygraphic complex of Rosstandard Federal state unitary enterprise «STANDARTINFORM». The scientific and technological expertise of draft standards is the interaction at the level of experts with the editors of the Federal state unitary enterprise «STANDARTINFORM» when conducting terminology examination final revision of the draft standards.