Technical regulation

NIO-201, -202, -203, -204, -205, -208, -301, -303, -304, -306 in the field of technical regulation:
  • carry out studies in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization;
  • carried out development of technical regulations, standards and other standardization documents;
  • participate in the work on formation of legislative base of technical regulation of the Customs Union;
  • provide scientific assistance to Federal Executive bodies, technical committees for standardization and industrial enterprises in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization.

The above divisions are working in the field of technical regulation in accordance with the directions of its activities.

NIO-201 – Department of intersectoral production and cataloguing:

  • machines for metal and woodworking;
  • tool fitter;
  • welding and foundry equipment;
  • fasteners;
  • rolling bearings;
  • gears, motor reducers, variable speed;
  • chains, chains traction and cargo plate;
  • round-link chains for lifting loads;
  • shafts, axles, pulleys;
  • springs, locking ring spring;
  • basic norms of interchangeability (NVG), the tolerances of the thread;
  • gears and design elements of machine parts.

NIO-202 – Department of transport, road-building and mining machinery:

  • lifting machines and lifting and transport equipment;
  • manufacturing floor trackless electric transport;
  • fork-lift trucks;
  • machinery and road-building, earthmoving machine;
  • hand and portable power tool;
  • machinery and utilities for cleaning and sanitary cleaning of cities;
  • equipment for laundries and dry-cleaning;
  • equipment for building materials industry;
  • techniques of fire;
  • mining equipment.

NIO-203 – Department of automobile engineering:

  • internal combustion engines reciprocating (motor, diesel engines diesel generators marine, industrial, diesel);
  • vehicles (cars, trucks, buses), car chassis;
  • special and specialized vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;
  • motor and cycle transport (mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles, bicycles, etc.);
  • snowmobiles, all terrain vehicle, motorized wheelchairs (four-wheeled off-road vehicle);
  • outboard motors;
  • garage equipment;
  • components (spare parts) of vehicles and trailers.

NIO-204 – Department of agricultural and tractor machine-building, machinery for consumer goods industry and food industry:

  • tractors;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • machines for livestock, poultry and fodder production;
  • machinery and equipment for logging, and timber rafting leseberg;
  • machines and equipment for food industry, enterprises of trade and public catering;
  • printing equipment;
  • equipment for textile and light industry;
  • tools, equipment and means of mechanization of garden and forest use;
  • baby strollers and wheel products.

NIO-205 – Department of heat-generating equipment and equipment for ventilation and conditioning:

  • household gas equipment;
  • equipment for municipal supply;
  • the gas consuming industrial equipment;
  • heat-generating apparatus, solid and liquid fuels;
  • steam boilers and cogeneration;
  • equipment for air-conditioning;
  • industrial conditioners;
  • heat pumps, except household equipment;
  • equipment and installations for filtering or purifying air;
  • equipment for gas cleaning and dust filtering;
  • fans for general purposes.

NIO-301 – Department of electrical engineering and electricity:

  • electric machines and electric drives;
  • power conversion equipment;
  • low-voltage equipment, protection and control;
  • electrothermal equipment;
  • equipment for hazardous environments;
  • high voltage equipment;
  • electrical installations with voltage up to and over 1000 V;
  • power equipment and systems;
  • low-voltage electrical installations, including installations for buildings;
  • wiring products;
  • fittings for electrical wiring;
  • household electrical appliances.

NIO-303 – Department advanced technologies and new equipment

in the field of innovative technologies, including in the field of nanotechnology and products of nanotechnology.

NIO-304 –Department of instrument engineering, electrical engineering and applied Informatics:

  • products of electrical industry (cable, lighting, and electric carbonic elektro- metal-ceramic products, chemical current sources, electrical insulation materials);
  • production instrumentation (instruments and apparatus optical, spectral analysis, geophysical, surveying, and astronomical instruments and devices, control and measurement of pressure, flow, and level analyzers of composition and properties of gases, liquids and loose materials, machines and devices for mechanical measurements, properties of materials, efforts and deformations of the motion parameters, counters, Supervisory devices, scopes, devices and means of automation of common industrial and special purpose electronic measuring instruments);
  • measuring tools for linear and angular dimensions in engineering;
  • system based on smart cards (identification cards);
  • photo;
  • apparatus and equipment of professional cinematography.

NIO-306 – Department of medical devices, information technology and electronics:

  • medical equipment;
  • medical devices;
  • medical instrument;
  • software and information products of medical purpose;
  • automated system;
  • software and hardware complexes;
  • software, information and technical means of information technologies;
  • banking equipment (ATMs, Bank terminals, equipment for processing of securities, banknotes and coins);
  • equipment and means of automation for General and special purposes;
  • electrical measuring instruments;
  • devices and equipment for fire alarm systems;
  • inspection equipment, technical means of protection;
  • banking equipment (safes, safe locks).

NIO – Russian abbreviation of Scientific research Department