International work

The research Department at the international work, ensuring execution of works on international and bilateral cooperation is a structural subdivision of VNIINMASH, serves as head of the division at international, regional and bilateral cooperation in the framework of its competence in the field of standardization and assists with organizational, methodological, coordination and information support of Russia's participation in international and regional standardization organizations such as ISO, IEC, UNECE, CEN, of CENELEC etc. and bilateral cooperation in certain areas of this activity.

In the framework of contracts for information services VNIINMASH offers stakeholders the latest information about the development of international standards in all areas of activities of ISO and IEC.


Pankratova Natalia Pavlovna
phone: +7 (499) 259-43-62,

Poluektova Olga Valentinovna
phone: +7 (499) 259-35-31,

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