In agreement with Rosstandard on the basis of the Institute was organized and operated functional unit for providing scientific-technical services Centre of consultations in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization of VNIINMASH (Consultmash). The main task of Consultmash is to provide scientific-technical and information services to organizations and companies (Applicants) on topical issues of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment in mechanical engineering, instrument-making and electrical engineering.

The services provided by Consultmash:

  • advising producers and consumers regarding the quality and safety of products related to the field of engineering;
  • preparation of clarifications on the technical regulations and procedure of import of goods into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union;
  • an examination of issued certificates of conformity and test reports;
  • preparation of clarification of the Rospotrebnadzor (about the possibility of using imported steels);
  • comprehensive services (coordination of works on the design of permits in the System of GOST R certification; fire safety; sanitary-epidemiological conclusion; industrial safety and Rostechnadzor; type approval certificates of measuring instruments; technical passports for the product; trial and pre-trial technical expertise, etc.).

Form work

For convenience, we offer several forms of work organisation:

  1. One-time technical assistance in the form of clarification
    Consultmash provides the Applicant with a written explanation after the receipt of the request and payment.
  2. Subscription agreement
    The subscription contract is concluded with the Applicant, involving a fixed number of clarifications in the accounting period in the offset of earlier paid amounts with gradual repayment.
  3. Framework service contract
    The contract is concluded with the Applicant, not involving pre-payment. The subject matter of this contract – providing scientific and technical services, the exact name of which is formulated in the supplementary agreement as and when needs. The scope of service and the amount of payment stipulated in the supplementary agreement.

Terms of rendering services

The time of the preparation of a written explanation is on average 3-5 working days from the date of submission of all necessary documents and payment.


High-level professionals working in VNIINMASH with years of practical experience on standardization, certification and technical regulation. VNIINMASH is a leading institute of the system of Rosstandard, so experts are interested in an objective and impartial study of the situation.

Clarification provided substantiated position of expert, who, if necessary, ready to support the Applicant in administrative disputes.

If the expert does not coincide with the opinion of the Applicant, we warn about this in advance.


tel.: +7 (499) 256 6353, +7 (499) 256 1058

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