Interlaboratory comparative tests

VNIINMASH is a provider of qualification testing of laboratories performing tests (measurements, controls) engineering and electrical products by conducting interlaboratory tests (ICT):

  • valves, pumps, Metalworking and woodworking machinery, tool fitter, fitter-construction, agricultural equipment, electrical machines, devices and means of automation of common industrial and special purpose, the heat consuming equipment – in terms of sound level, vibration, heat, electrical safety, General equipment safety;
  • appliances and similar electric appliances, cable products, household electronic equipment – thermal indicators, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, General safety equipment, fire safety;
  • fittings, garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers, bicycles, shared safety equipment.

Provider VNIINMASH acts as an independent organization that provides participants with ICT the opportunity to confirm their competence.

The results of ICT, with a positive skills assessment, each participant receives:

  • certificate of participation of the laboratory (center) in ICT;
  • the conclusion (report) to assess the quality of the test results;
  • summary of test results (measurements) obtained by all laboratories participating (centers-participants) ICT (without decoding the names of the laboratories that received a particular test result).

Conditions of participation in the program, ICT shall be communicated to the participants in the information letter. Schemes of the ICT under R50.4.006-2002.

Confidentiality of test results (measurements) of the participants of the ICT shall be guaranteed.

Certificate of membership in ICT is a confirmation of compliance with the requirements of section 23.11 of the accreditation Criteria (order of Ministry of economic development dated 30 may 2014 No. 326).

Contact person:

Kozlov Igor Pavlovich
+7 (499) 256-1073
4, Shenogina Str., Moscow, 123007, Russia

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