NIO-104 — department of standardization of design and technological documentation

Department head – Taller Samil Lvovitch

The division is a developer of Unified system for design documentation (ESKD) and the Uniform system of technological documentation (of ESTD), as well as design and technological classifiers and engineering (Classifier ESKD, TKD, TXE WHO, KTP and KTD), implementing their improvement, including the adaptation of the design documentation to the implementation and application of in electronic form on the basis of information technologies (CALS (FDI) technology, etc.), carries out scientific and methodical guidance for implementation of standards ESKD, of ESTD and classifiers and to consult on their application.

For NIO-104 sets forth the following technical committees (TC):

  • TC 51 – System design documentation;
  • TC 210 – Engineering support for creation of products.


Phone: +7 (499) 259 6362