NIO-114 — department of standardization of defense products

Head of Department – Sivolapov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, laureate of the prize named after S. I. Mosin (diploma No. 1483) for his work in the field of engineering.


  • consultations on the issues of standardization of defense products, including parts of organizational-methodological and General technical military standards;
  • execution of works on expert examination of developed TK standards and preparation of materials for approval and registration developed by the national and interstate standards in accordance with the established procedure.


  • Markina Marina Borisovna
    Expert on standardization, compliance expert FE No. 616.
    The decision of the management Pointer of the state military standards, directory of national standards restricted distribution and signage standards; the structure of signs, inclusion and exclusion of documents, registration of documents for standardization of defense products.

  • Zabotina Elena Vladimirovna
    Leading engineer.
    Registration subscription service providing Pointers to the state military standards, national standards restricted signs and information standards. The billing of the Signs, sending Signs.

  • Palaznik Rimma Aleksandrovna
    Leading engineer.
    The inclusion and order of submission of applications "Section of "Program standards" for the development of national standards restricted.

For NIO-114 sets forth the following technical committees (TC):

  • TC 5 – Shipbuilding;
  • TC 18 – Equipment and technologies of aviation fuel supply;
  • TC 65 – Development and launching of products production;
  • TC 321 – Rocket and rocket-space technique;
  • TC 322 – Nuclear engineering;
  • TC 323 – Aviation equipment;
  • TC 324 – Defense engineering;
  • TC 341 – External influences;
  • TC 384 – Office and civil weapon and cartridges to it;
  • TC 416 – Hyperbaric technician;
  • TC 417 – the Safety and effectiveness of materials, substances, equipment and technological installations used in the water sector;
  • TC 423 – Protective technologies;
  • TC 427 – amusement Rides and other entertainment devices;
  • TC 469 – Pyrotechnic products.


Phone: +7 (499) 259 7725