NIO-301 — department of electrical engineering and power engineering

Head of Department — Ivanov Alexey Vladimirovich


  • electric machines and electric drives;
  • power conversion equipment;
  • low-voltage equipment, protection and control;
  • electrothermal equipment;
  • equipment for hazardous environments;
  • high voltage equipment;
  • electrical installation with voltage of up to and over 1000 V;
  • energy equipment and systems;
  • low-voltage electrical installations, including buildings;
  • wiring accessories;
  • fittings for electrical wiring;
  • household electrical appliances.

The types of works and services according to the specialization of the Department:

  • research in the field of technical regulation and standardization;
  • participation in formation of legislative base of technical regulation of the Customs Union;
  • the development of perspective and annual programs of standardization;
  • development of technical regulations, standards and other standardization documents;
  • scientific and technical examination of technical regulations, normative legal documents, programs, standardization, standards and other standardization documents, documents for accreditation of certification bodies and test laboratories, design and technological documentation;
  • certification of production on conformity to requirements of technical regulations and obligatory requirements of regulatory documents of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union;
  • provide methodological assistance to the Federal Executive bodies, technical committees for standardization and industrial enterprises in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization.

Certified experts:

  • A.V. Ivanov;
  • N.V. Verkhovyna;
  • A.P. Korpusova.


Tel.: +7 (499) 256 6353, +7 (499) 256 1058